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Steering and Suspension components affect your vehicle’s road handling, ride comfort and safety.  When you need inspections & repairs on your suspension, contact Toowoomba’s trusted mobile mechanics.

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Safety Triangle – Stopping, Steering, Stability

The stopping, routing and balance of your vehicle are three independent systems that are critical to keeping you, your passengers and your car safe. Together they are called the ‘Security Triangle’.

Your vehicle’s suspension and shock absorbers play an important role in all three elements of the safety triangle, so any problems can seriously affect the safety of your vehicle.
If you notice any problems with your suspension or shock absorbers, we recommend that you call us as soon as possible to inspect.

Suspension and Steering Service

Car wandering over the road? Play in the steering? Then your suspension and steering components are probably due for inspection.

The key role of the well-performing vehicle suspension and the steering wheel is to provide stability, good handling and ultimate safety.

A regular suspension and steering service will ensure the comfort and safety of your passengers. General suspension and steering systems will be checked, shock absorbers will be examined and replaced if necessary, and a wheel alignment will be performed. All these activities will ensure the longevity of your car and the overall efficiency of your vehicle.

Your local Toowoomba Mobile Mechanic has highly trained mechanics familiar with any suspension system. We will inspect, analyze, diagnose problems, discuss the necessary repairs with you, and fix your suspension system. This includes repairing steering problems, changing shock absorbers and wheel alignment.

If it is no longer safe to use your vehicle, call TMM today. We offer the best mobile steering and suspension service in Toowoomba at the most affordable rate.

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Suspension And Steering – Everything You Need To Know And More


The car’s suspension is manufactured to undertake road insulation, handling and cornering.

These principles ensure that your vehicle stays in touch with the road all the time, manages well, travels on a curved road as expected, and a comfortable ride.

Working Together

When a steering wheel is turned, not all wheels move at the same angle. When taking a bend with suspension, the car’s inner front wheel makes a tighter rotation to make a sharper turn. This precise angle requires the maintenance of steering systems to ensure that the appropriate response is reversed as a result of the steering motion.

Role Of Struts And Shock Absorbers

Both struts and shock absorbers work together with the car’s suspension to absorb the effects of defects on the road. They work in two cycles: compression and extension.

They are responsive to speed, so the faster a car drives, the more reactive your shocks and supports will be to ensure a smooth ride.


A car’s steering system works so that a turn of the steering wheel causes a relatively small correction of the wheel direction to manoeuvre the vehicle. The steering effort is passed over a range of pivot joints to the wheels and allows the wheels to move up and down with the suspension system without blocking the steering angle.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers do exactly what their name describes, accelerates, braking and absorb energy from the friction caused by driving on rough surfaces. They help drivers to drive with minimal friction as a result.

As shock absorbers absorb this energy, the vehicle always has maximum contact and minimum friction in the system.

Suspension System Replacement

The suspension system is an important component in every vehicle on the road. Many drivers believe there is to keep or support the vehicle.

In reality, your vehicle’s suspension system is one of the main components that help you perform this task in the suspension system while providing driving comfort and balance in terms of steering and handling. They are shock absorbers.

Mobile Mechanics In Toowoomba

Why Do You Need Mobile Suspension Repair Service in Toowoomba?

During driving, the suspension system of a vehicle is always in use. Therefore, over time they will lose their ability to function properly. If you are not doing a regular maintenance service by a trained technician you may experience serious brake, steering and control problems.

repairing the suspension system will help prevent other problems, such as:

Longer stopping distance

Worn shock absorbers in your suspension system can increase your stopping distance by up to 20% in your vehicle. This distance is sufficient to cause a fatal event and should be fixed as soon as possible.

Swivel and Nose Dives

If your vehicle falls or bends during braking, you need to have your suspensions checked. These symptoms reduce overall car control, which can be very dangerous in wet weather conditions.


A clear symptom of an issue with the suspension system are vibrations on the steering wheel. They are supposed to keep your tyres in contact without vibration while working properly. Vibrations at high speeds can become more intense, making it difficult to control the vehicle.


Replace your car suspension with experts

Has it been a while since the last check of your suspension? Don’t postpone it any more, make a booking with the  Toowoomba Mobile Mechanics and return to driving in safety and comfort.