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Car Inspection And Diagnosis Difference

Pre-purchase car inspection is different from a regular diagnosis. People perform general diagnosis in their cars to assess problems and perform regular, continuous maintenance that can easily occur during normal use.

A Pre-Purchase Inspection offers peace of mind for you as a prospective purchaser of a second hand car.  Our technicians can meet with you at an appropriate time & place to inspect the vehicle and offer you an independent report on the vehicle and things to look out for.

Do I Need A Car Inspection Before Buying?

This helps when you purchase a vehicle from a new source and want to make sure all is as it seems. Car inspections can also be useful for the sale of a vehicle, so you can objectively verify its excellent condition. 

What Is Pre-purchase Car Inspection?

A pre-purchase car inspection – in some ways – is as simple as it seems. It includes a systematic review of your vehicle, a test drive, and a report on various aspects of the vehicle’s condition. As a driver, you receive the report and is the most valuable part of the review, as it usually serves to objectively verify the status of the vehicle.

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Can I Do A Pre-purchase Car Inspection?

There are several standards and qualifications for a technician to conduct inspections. That’s why it’s best to have Toowoomba Mobile Mechanics perform a thorough inspection on the vehicle before you purchase or sign a contract.

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Pre-purchase Inspection Advantages

In addition to being an almost mandatory service before buying a car, pre-purchase inspections give both the buyer and the seller a wide range of advantages.

Save Money

If we identify problems that don’t pose an immediate threat to your safety, you can leverage these findings to save money when negotiating sales. If we uncover hidden flaws, or if the car is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, it could save you thousands in the long run.

Determining Pain Points

Mechanical problems are not always clearly seen, especially for an untrained eye. By hiring a qualified mechanic, you get an unbiased view of the quality, safety and performance of the vehicle.

Sell For More

Having a pre-purchase car inspection report under your wing when selling a vehicle can be a highly effective sales vehicle. With an independent report in your hand, you have leverage and a stronger position to negotiate a higher value for your vehicle.

Remote Purchase

Are you buying a vehicle in Toowoomba from another town? Organising a pre-purchase car inspection through Toowoomba Mobile Mechanics can help with the purchase. We’ll do a detailed and comprehensive pre-purchase car inspection to help you make a conscious decision in the comfort of your own home!

Inner Peace

The greatest benefit is to be able to buy safely. All the advantages outlined allow you to be peaceful because you buy a quality vehicle based on its value.

Before buying any used car or running out of warranty, make sure it is inspected by an expert.

Invest in pre-purchase car inspection today by a trusted Toowoomba local technician!

Book your car for an TMM pre-purchase car inspection to make sure you can trust it. All our audits are carried out by aTMM qualified mechanic.
You will receive a full report on the overall state and safety components of the vehicle for your peace of mind.